24 Signatures Submitted to Board of Supervisors

Together, 24 concerned Parkmerced residents recently submitted the below formal letter of support to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

March 6, 2011

San Francisco Board of Supervisors
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Room 244
San Francisco, CA 94102-4689

Dear President Chiu and the Board of Supervisors:

We are residents of Parkmerced and we are expressing our support for the Parkmerced Vision development project and urge you, the rest of the Board of Supervisors and the Mayor to approve this project at the earliest opportunity.

A few groups, including Tenants Together and Parkmerced Action Coalition, have recently begun to speak against the Parkmerced Vision.  These small groups do not speak for us or the majority of residents at Parkmerced.  They continue to misrepresent facts about resident protections and the relocation process which have been clearly outlined in the Development Agreement.  It has only been in the past few months that these groups started spreading inaccurate information about “displacement” and “demolition,” tactics used most likely to fuel fear amongst us.  These groups have been unwilling to truly understand the project let alone work with anyone in a practical way to address their concerns like we have.

We have been and continue to be involved in the collaborative planning process and are well informed. Parkmerced management and City staff have been meeting and working openly with us for over five years – engaging us in project planning and keeping us informed throughout the process.  Their fundamental commitment to protect us has been stated early and repeatedly throughout the planning process.  More importantly, they have been true to their commitments so far and we understand that the Resident Guarantees will continue to protect our rights and our homes, regardless of who owns Parkmerced. This gives us great comfort and assurance.

The Guarantees promise that any resident who lives in an existing garden home will be provided a brand new unit at the same rent-controlled rate with the same rent control protections as their existing apartment and with the same lease terms. Convenience will be improved as replacement homes will have all new appliances and fixtures: including a dishwasher and washer/dryer. Safety will be improved since buildings will meet or exceed all current code and seismic requirements which addresses the issue of constant maintenance in the existing homes. Because replacement homes will be more efficient we will experience lower utility bills. And the community as a whole will benefit, especially seniors, due to improved accessibility.

The Vision brings much needed improvements to our aging neighborhood.  We will all experience improved transportation services, community amenities, shopping, parks, pedestrian safety and energy conservation in what will be a revolutionary neighborhood.

We live at Parkmerced.  We have to live in the buildings that are becoming challenging to maintain because of their age and poor original construction. Continuing the cycle of constant repair does not make any practical or financial sense for residents or Parkmerced.

Listen when we say: it is time to replace and rebuild Parkmerced. We are urging you to approve the Parkmerced project at the earliest opportunity.


Mike Smith
Jim Coppfer
Daniel Phillips
Jeanne D’Arcy
Jim Cook
Terry Villaflor
Tony Zhang
Andrew Villaflor
Lucy Zhang
Edward Villaflor
Hui Min Zhang
Art Aboytes
Min Han
Scott Killpack
Tin Min Chan
Alejandra Lopez
Jeanie Scott
Omar Vallejo
Carol Koppel
Nic Durst
Mark Kurek
Christopher Fontan
Anna-Marie Bratton
Kayla Hilton

This letter is part of official public record and is available upon request from the offices of the Board of Supervisors.

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