About Parkmerced Tenants for Change

We are residents of Parkmerced and we have joined together to express our support for Parkmerced’s Long-Range Vision.

We urge the Board of Supervisors and the Mayor to approve this project at the earliest opportunity.

Parkmerced Tenants for Change (PTC) grew out of a group of Parkmerced residents who had been meeting for the past several years as the Parkmerced Sustainability Committee, as well as tenants from the Parkmerced Residents Organization and others that have been engaged throughout the long-range visioning process. Our initial goal was to ensure that Parkmerced evolves, for the better, into a healthier, more environmentally sustainable place to live.

We would now like to broaden that focus to ensuring that the opportunity for enormous positive change in the lives of residents at Parkmerced, which is at stake in the Long-Range Vision Plan, is not squandered. PTC intends to demonstrate that tenants who actually live at Parkmerced have been able to participate in shaping this vision, and intend to continue to participate.

We do not want to see this vision crushed due to misguided fears, lies or political gamesmanship. PTC is committed to telling the truth about this project, and to keeping Parkmerced tenants involved and informed in the decisions about our home.

Although a few groups, led by politically connected tenants rights organizations in the civic center area, have recently begun to speak against the Parkmerced Vision, those individuals do not speak for us or the majority of residents at Parkmerced.  These small groups continue to misrepresent facts about tenant protections and the relocation process. It has only been in the past few months that we’ve heard words like “displacement” or “demolition” bandied about, most likely to engender fear among the residents. Where were these concerned tenants groups during the last five years of resident meetings and collaborative planning workshops, which were sponsored by Parkmerced management and attended by many of us who actually live here?

We have been involved. We have seen first-hand how Parkmerced management and City staff have been meeting and working with residents for more than five years, engaging us in project planning and keeping us informed throughout the process.  Their fundamental commitment to resident protections has been stated early and repeatedly throughout the planning process.  More importantly, they have been true to their commitments so far. We understand that the Resident Guarantees will continue to protect our rights and our homes, by mandate of the City, regardless of who owns Parkmerced.

The Resident Guarantees promise that any resident who lives in a building slated for replacement will be provided a Brand New Unit at the same rent-controlled rate with the same rent control protections as their existing apartment at the time of relocation.  Those residents who will ultimately be relocated will receive a new unit with:

  • Equivalent Size
  • Same number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Choice of locations
  • Improved accessibility for seniors
  • All new appliances, including dishwasher and washer/dryer
  • Vastly more efficient fixtures and lower utility bills
  • Comfort due to well-insulated walls and windows
  • Buildings that meet or exceed all current code and seismic requirements

Additionally, the project brings much need improvements to the aging neighborhood.  We will all experience much improved transportation services, community amenities, retail, open space, pedestrian safety and energy conservation in a truly revolutionary neighborhood.

We again urge the City to approve the Parkmerced project as soon as possible.


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