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From the BeyondChron “Letters to the Editor” section:

To the Editor:

As usual, this article is full of misinformation. My name is Elizabeth Keith, I have been a Parkmerced resident for 18 years. I am grateful for David Chiu and for his vote. There has been a small group of tenant activists that have opposed this project from the beginning. These activists have done nothing but spread misinformation and lies, these tenants have used scare tactics and misrepresentations in order to raise fear among the elderly and the most vulnerable tenants.

I went door to door with a Parkmerced representatives in order to answer questions and clear up misunderstandings. I found the majority of the tenants to be very grateful for the visit and welcoming of the project. This landlord has made every effort to address all issues brought up by the tenants and has made it clear that they want to this community to feel safe will promising to improve our quality of life. I believe the Development Agreement negotiated with the City will protect our rent control and I am confident that Parkmerced will come through with its promises. I ask you to support this project at the second reading, I believe it is good for the residents of Parkmerced and good for the city of San Francisco.

Elizabeth Keith
San Francisco


To the Editor:

As a current long-term Parkmerced resident, it has become apparent to me that opponents of this project have not read the development agreement with The City. No one is being evicted and new sustainable housing will be created before a “fully paid move-in” to new and better housing happens. This is a 20-30 year project (which was the timeline for the original construction of Parkmerced) and it creates new family oriented housing in a city which underserves that demographic. I applaud all six Supervisors who approved the project.

I’m not sure why David Chui is the focus of criticism. The progressive Supervisors David Campos, John Avalos, Ross Mirkarimi, Jane Kim and Eric Mar, who opposed the project, may realize that in eco-sensible San Francisco, their votes may affect their political career. After personally attending about 100 meetings where this project has been discussed, reviewed, and revised – I am a frustrated resident IN FAVOR of the project.

The frustrated resident in the article, Cathy Lentz, has been disruptive at other meetings where she and other opponents of the project had plenty of opportunities to share their opinions. Ms. Lentz should have been put in jail for striking a peace officer instead of being escorted out of the room. No one likes change but this change is for better “green” housing options, better transit, a better Parkmerced and a better San Francisco. Most of my neighbors are in favor of the project but don’t have the time to attend the many meetings to express their satisfaction and belief in the current ownership of Parkmerced.

J.F. Cook
San Francisco

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