Parkmerced Tenants for Change (PTC) is a group of tenants standing in support of the Parkmerced project and opposed to the LIES about the project being spread by political groups that do not live here. Why?

  • WE LIVE AT PARKMERCED. Two-thirds of Parkmerced residents support the project (*according to a recent poll by the Parkmerced Residents Organization). Residents have worked on the Parkmerced Vision for more than five years. We don’t want outside political organizations to scare people into thinking they could be kicked out of Parkmerced – that would be illegal! NO ONE WILL GET KICKED OUT!
  • We want new, efficient apartments at the rent we’re paying now! Parkmerced is OLD.  The new apartments will be more comfortable, safer, and more ADA accessible than the existing crumbling apartments.  Our rent control will be legally guaranteed, just like it was for Trinity project residents.
  • We want sustainability, improved transit, and more parks. The project will decrease our carbon footprint, upgrade our neighborhood’s access to freeways and Muni, and bring new jobs and community spaces to the Parkmerced and the Westside. Our neighborhood needs these improvements.
  • We want more local shops and more family housing on the Westside! We told management we want more shops, restaurants, a grocery store and other local services, and we know that San Francisco needs housing. The plan reflects what we’ve said we need and more.

We REFUSE to let our community’s chance at progress be stonewalled by misguided scare tactics from Tenderloin political activists. If you’re a resident at Parkmerced excited by this project, take action and join us.

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